We have a security operations center with cutting-edge technology in satellite tracking platforms for vehicles, such as satellite locks, communications, CCTV, with monitoring reports whenever our customers require it, since we operate 24 hours a day with qualified and trained personnel for this kind of operations. We are also able to support companies in the following areas:

  • Around-the-clock inspection of security equipment and personnel.
  • Satellital monitoring.
  • Monitoring of vehicles and satellital locks.
  • Communication links.
  • Notifications to the ECU 911 system.


Our lock has a state-of-the-art GPS tracker with several communication channels, designed with a waterproof and shock resistant housing. It also has movement sensors, a manual or remote  mechanism for opening and closing the lock through a RFID card, and a rechargeable battery.

With this service we provide extra security to your shipments.


  • Real-time tracking.
  • E-mail alerts upon detecting that the lock has a low battery condition.
  • E-mail alerts when the lock is opened and closed.
  • E-mail alerts if the steel cable is cut.
  • Movement sensor.
  • Alerts when entering or leaving high-risk areas.
  • Alerts for excessive stops.