We employ qualified, trained, and highly experienced personnel to perform security inspections on REEFER (refrigerated) or DRY containers following the BASC and C-TPAT international standards.  We take into consideration the monitoring points established according to those standards.

We have standard procedures, created and modified by RISK PROTECTION on the basis of our research and experience, in order to address the vulnerabilities of containers, for example, the spots where they can get contaminated, keeping a physical, filmed, and photographic record.

As part of the process, we have security seals and straps designed and customized for RISK PROTECTION.

At the end of the operation, our customers receive a digital report on each container inspected, in order that they can send it to their customers abroad.


Unity specialized in verifications and inspections of containers, shipments, and specific areas in order to prevent that these are contaminated with illegal substances.

We employ trained personnel in the fields of security, container inspections, and inspections of shipments, areas and confined spaces, in order to use in good shape canines.

Our canines are trained to detect illegal substances that contaminate the containers, the cargo, or any specific place where the required inspections and verifications are being carried out.


Procedure developed and established by RISK PROTECTION S.A. that enables us to make controls in specific points before entering the containers’ port of shipment, as well as the condition of the security seals straps of shipments returning from properties, plants, and wholesale points.

In those points, we have personnel, materials, and equipment that make it possible for us to monitor the containers’ security seals. We carry out these controls 24 hours a day.

We maintain an excellent relationship with our customers at every moment through making reports that allow our customers to timely alert control entities of the government, so that a container can be stopped in time, and avoid its departing from the ports.